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bergamot essential oil,essential oils aromatherapy,pure essential oils

bergamot essential oil,essential oils aromatherapy,pure essential oils
Product Detailed

Nursing has a scar, oily and sensitive skin extremely effective.
bergamot essential oil,essential oils aromatherapy

bergamot essential oil ,  essential oils aromatherapy ,  pure essential oils


The cosmetology effect

1,Lemon face home after washing the face, 3 drops of lemon juice in the make-up water of cotton, pat the face, can remove the yellow color and dissolve makeup water of chemical substances.

2,Whitening mask with two tablespoons of yogurt, half a teaspoon of honey, mix two coffee spoon lemon wheat fragrant lemon tea juice facial mask, avoiding the eye area dab in the face for 15 to 20 minutes, followed by washing with warm water, which can clean the grease.

3,Peeling and 1 small tablespoon lemon juice, and a scoop a spoonful of honey cheese, warm, at the elbow, knee, heel graze, with skin softening effect, duration of about 10 to 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

4,The remaining half peeled lemon slice, according to personal taste, add rock sugar, drinking water. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B, can make skin restore luster and elasticity. But after drinking must be immediately brush your teeth.

5,Shower take a half cut down the lemon peel were immersed in a bath of water, can be used for bathing, washing hair, has moisturizing function. Wash Lemongrass Bath can make the pores in the open state, conducive to sweat, for acne patients have good therapeutic effect.

6,Aromatherapy remaining lemon peel and cut into filaments, adding proper amount of water, put in a burner, and then heating, can become a good aroma.

LanDuFang (LADYFY) launched a series of products based on the season, carrying the essence of heaven and earth, along the seasons of the Magic, the emphasis is not only a skin full of clever illusion, but the fresh and clean in the end. Products from natural raw essence of flowers and fruit, with natural pure, natural, fresh appeal for the brand, sophisticated packaging and products into one, deserved each other. Into the warm and elegant LanDuFang (LADYFY) store, it seems to smell the jungle, spring, and fresh herb flavor, people feel like being in the embrace of nature.
    LanDuFang (LADYFY) hundred percent use of natural plant extracts and the most pollution-free clean water, the use of advanced high-end pure plant biotechnology research and development of skin care products, were developed for a different skin, different lifestyles, different living environment of the skin care products, including whitening, moisturizing, oil, anti-aging, hair care items and many other types and is a high quality comprehensive care brand. After five years of growth and development, LanDuFang (LADYFY) in the Asia Pacific region now has more than 30 series over 300 kinds Beauty skin care boutique


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