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Gift rose flower soap ;paper soap;paper soap flower;hand made flower soap

Gift rose flower soap ;paper soap;paper soap flower;hand made flower soap
Product Detailed

Romantic honeymoon, a total of mu bath of love, enjoy the appeal of the infinite.
paper soap;paper soap flower

paper soap ; paper soap flower ; hand made flower soap


[ each girl's bathroom style romantic]

In the bath crock of shaman rose in bath is every girl dreams, but fresh roses too extravagant, now have a can replace bath dew rose flower soap, namely romantic and save money, kill two birds with one stone, live comfortably enjoy high-ranked imperial concubine bath

Uses of the products:

Take a shower, wash hands, wash the face, bath soak, foot soak, for presents, for decorate, beautify the house.

Occasion suitable:

Family, hotel, restaurant, company, school, wedding, supermarket, public place, etc

Function of the products:

These handmade products have been developed & perfected to naturally to let our skin & soul beautiful

With cleansing & soft skin function, contained the ingredients inside can promote the blood circulation, leaving & dispel the fatigue,

It is made by all cosmetics and food grade raw materials,

Safe & Nonpoisonous materials


These products appearance are exquisite, beautiful, romantic can to as daily skin clean, for gifts & beautify house etc.

The appearance of the products are very good to used as giving a present in good taste, pertinence for gift can be regarded as the best choice!

It is the best choice to using in the toilet, bathroom, place to beautify house or acting as a result of present!

Everybody can do choose the color and perfume smell with different individual taste at your own sweet will

Pieces of those simple shower products,

Help to volatilize our natural beauty!

Because the natural beauty of human is brought from heart & state of mind

Hope to use its greatest ability (alluring appearance and fragrant smell) to let you leaving the busying reality!

Enter the mythical world!

Enjoy the happy shower!

Let your heart full of happiness!

Then your appearance will change more beautiful naturally hold by your mind!



To Use:

Wash hands:

Apply a few layers of confetti soap on palm,

let them moist & doing fingertips let them spume softly

then rinse with warm water and pat dry softly will be alright


The same as the method of the above let them spume softly

Then over whole body & massage skin softly. Rinse well and pat dry will be alright


Bathtubs soak:

The bathtub is put about 70% of the full warm water which is suitable for personal temperature,

Then put the soap flowers or slices into bathtub, they will dissolve slowly & automatically,

Can also stir the water softly with hands

Make it dissolve with higher speed and spume

Let you leaving the busying reality!

Enter the mythical world & enjoy the happy shower!

For about 20 to 45 minutes

Finally, rinse well with warm water and pat dry softly will be alright



Store at room temperature

Store in the original & closed containers under cool & dry conditions

Keep away from the humidity and sunshine

(As too strong light will make the color of the products change)


Best before:

Three years (in case of sealed)



For external use only!

Keep out of reach of children

Avoid contact with eyes. If product enters eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Get medical attention immediately for any sensations persist.

Unlikely to be irritation in normal use

Do not use if skin is wounded, has eczema & sensitive etc

For safety please don't be used alone by the children under the age of 12!

To avoid danger, while gravida using these products, please notice the air circulating and be careful of the ground, don't slip!

This product is not suitable for babies on or under than 3 year old!


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